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Isn’t that question eternal? To borrow or not to borrow? Well, we all hope that there won’t come a moment in our lives when we will desperately need money, which we will unfortunately don’t have in our bank account, but despite all our prayers, it sometimes happens. And we are miserably sitting at home with an excerpt from the bank account, a wallet full of empty debit cards and not a penny, and a glass of wine to drown away the agony, wondering, is it ok or not, to borrow money from family and friends? This is indeed a very delicate situation and the bad news is that no one can give you some proper advice.

“Money and friends don’t go well together”, some say. “Make sure that you take money from people you can trust only”, add others.

And you are still sitting here, with the second glass of wine, unable to make the best decision.…


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There are many online promotional product suppliers who claim to provide high-quality products but you should be aware of scams.


To prevent you from any further unexpected loss, it is important to browse around to find a supplier with a good reputation and experience in their business.

The reputable online promotional product shops are having supplied corporate gifts to variety companies for years. In order to authenticate their reputation, you must take into account to check their company registration with subsequent trading or marketing organizations in their home country.…