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In this article I will explain why it is much better to hire one of  the best London’s cleaners, than cleaning by yourself.


The mornings are always busy, waking up at 7, dressing up, making coffee, having breakfast, emptying the dishwasher, helping the kids, leaving at 8, travelling for good 30 minutes, trying despite the crowd to get out of the tube, walking some more minutes to the office, having a meeting, setting goals, discussing results, another coffee and the hope that you won’t fall asleep in the seminar room. clean-863691_1920The sad truth is that you are tired even before noon and in some days you are counting the seconds until you will be free again and will sit in the tube, if you are lucky. Back home you are exhausted and dreaming of your cosy couch or your even cosier bed, you are making your best to survive, to make dinner and to make it to the night.  …


Three simple steps seem totally insufficient, for God sake, there are checklists for this thing full of tasks and after only a quick glance at all of them, you are terrified and desperate. But maybe we make it all seem so hard and maybe our attitude is what makes us miserable instead of enthusiastic before every move out. Because, yes, it is stressful and tense, but it is exciting as well – you are going to live somewhere else,colorful-flat-city-buildings you will have new neighborhood, you will meet new people and visit new places, you will have new house which will soon turn into a home, you will have the chance to decorate it beautifully, to invite friends and to make new memories, you will have a new shelter for your soul and you will leave part of yourself there.

But the real question is how to organize all the work we need to do so that we can enjoy all of the interesting things about the new place we are going to live in.


I love renting – it gives me the freedom to live in different places as and when I want to. I am still young and trying to build a career and I swap my jobs frequently in the search for the perfect one. As luck would have it, the jobs are never near my accommodation and that is why I have to move frequently.

End of tenancy cleaning is my pet hate as it takes so much time and energy and there is never a guarantee that my landlord would even like the end result. That is why this time I have decided to trust a professional end of tenancy cleaning agency that will make sure that my property is spotless before I hand it back to the landlord.


To my biggest surprise, end of tenancy cleaning was not expensive at all. The agency I contacted created a bespoke quote for my apartment and because I wanted a full end of tenancy cleaning, they have given me a bonus – oven cleaning free of charge.…