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…..or why a brunch here is always a good idea 

AUTHENTIC ITALIANYou have a house on this precious Greek peninsula and you are lucky to wake up here not only during a week, but during the whole summer. The sun is shining and you hear the noise of the waves – still and hardly perceptible. You are now inspired by the unique Greek tranquility and you do not wake up at 8 a.m. to go to the beach at 9 a.m. Now you are like one of the Greeks, you sleep till later and then when you wake up, you go to the balcony, where you can feel the freshness and the smell of the endless possibility of this morning (if 10 a.m. counts as morning). And then you start preparing yourself for the day. But what kind of preparation you need indeed? The swimming suit, a book and what else – someone to share this experience with, of course.…


Stuck in the shallows of the daily problems we can easily forget about those pleasant emotions that save us from everything superfluous, from those moments of blissful tranquility, which we encounter only among our closest, or with ourselves, but always included a fun place that brings its lure, to remind us of the important things, at least until the next opportunity to leave for a vacation.

greece-beautyIf you wince in anticipation of the summer months, than it is time for you to start planning or to confirm your reservations for the summer vacation. If you have not yet made a decision, do not let your uncertainty to keep you long wandering through thousands of possible places on the planet.

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There is no need of wasting precious moments, but it’s time you choose to dive in a different reality of ancient temples, kind locals and golden sands.


There are so many great places in New York City that you probably couldn’t go wrong with any of them. But there are a few which stand out and should really have extra consideration because of their outstanding variety of popularity and memorabilities. If this is your first visit to New York City, Times Square and Broadway are definitely two parts of New York sightseeing that you must see.


Times Square

Times Square has been changed quite a lot in since the last decade. The reputation it had in the back years has gone, and it had turn to make way for more family-friendly tourist destination. It doesn’t mean the adult industry has gone altogether, but it isn’t as prominent as it once was in this area. Today big brand stores and restaurants occupied most spaces beneath the giant billboards and brought tourists flock fleet to stand in the famous square to have their photos taken to show everyone back home that they’ve been to New York.…