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There are so many great places in New York City that you probably couldn’t go wrong with any of them. But there are a few which stand out and should really have extra consideration because of their outstanding variety of popularity and memorabilities. If this is your first visit to New York City, Times Square and Broadway are definitely two parts of New York sightseeing that you must see.


Times Square

Times Square has been changed quite a lot in since the last decade. The reputation it had in the back years has gone, and it had turn to make way for more family-friendly tourist destination. It doesn’t mean the adult industry has gone altogether, but it isn’t as prominent as it once was in this area. Today big brand stores and restaurants occupied most spaces beneath the giant billboards and brought tourists flock fleet to stand in the famous square to have their photos taken to show everyone back home that they’ve been to New York.

Even though you can’t take a photo of and impress your colleagues by instantly recognizing where you were, but Broadway is a place to offer an experience not to be missed nevertheless. Whether you are a regular theater goer back home, or someone who’s never seen a live show, catching a show on Broadway is part of the New York sightseeing experiences. But please be advised that getting tickets for the theater are often in short supply for popular shows, and the tickets fare is quite expensive. However, there are discount ticket booths in Time Square. Ask your hotel management to help you locate one where unsold tickets for that days’ performances are sold at discount prices.

Arrange your trip with your preferred travel agency and New York offers a lot more to offer than skyscrapers. A New York sightseeing will leave you wishing you had longer to spend and planning your return visit.