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Stuck in the shallows of the daily problems we can easily forget about those pleasant emotions that save us from everything superfluous, from those moments of blissful tranquility, which we encounter only among our closest, or with ourselves, but always included a fun place that brings its lure, to remind us of the important things, at least until the next opportunity to leave for a vacation.

greece-beautyIf you wince in anticipation of the summer months, than it is time for you to start planning or to confirm your reservations for the summer vacation. If you have not yet made a decision, do not let your uncertainty to keep you long wandering through thousands of possible places on the planet.

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There is no need of wasting precious moments, but it’s time you choose to dive in a different reality of ancient temples, kind locals and golden sands.

There are rarely people who are indifferent to the beauty of Greece. The nature here borders on the edge of paradise, but without the typical feeling of every other salty-sea coastal resorts. Not only is the gentle touch of the sea different, but everything is a hundred percent authentic. From each corner on every building the smell of antiquity is spread, a quiet ancient Greek philosophy. But even the Greeks know best, when talking about philosophy, that you need a full stomach and a nice glass of wine. Not by a mistake, the wine here is pronounced: “The choice of the Gods”.

Here quiet footsteps echo of old stony streets away the endless blue sea, next to the boundary with the sky which, although fade away before your eyes, reveals a new width, crossed by infinity.

Here the beaches will always have a place for you, whether you seek solitude, with a book in one hand, while the sun playfully pinches your skin comparing it to the local bronzed statues. Or you would prefer to warm your feet on a wooden seaside bar, among other visitors holding a glass of the local cold frappe during the tropically warm days, there will always be a chair for you, and the locals will be glad to show you their appreciation.

The secrets of the ancestors

Greece keeps the secrets of the ancestors once lived on these lands, but also the wisdom accumulated over the years. This is how that gentle thread of a local attention, toward the tourists is build. They can allow themselves to enter your everyday life just to show you the Greek culture and living, but are considerate enough to know when not to intrude. The locals, as a supplement to the silver sparkling sea waves to White-sea, will leave a mark in the heart of everyone who comes with good intentions and spirit of adventure. If this is you, than let you taste the delicious local seafood dishes and the amazing red and white wines.

The Greek nature

The nature, presented by palms and olive trees shyly tilts heads over the golden glows of the beach, under the sun light. The umbrellas of the tourists color the sand, turning it into variegated multicolored carpet. Light green olive gardens fill the space around you. Tremendous vine fields- up to where your eyes can see. Azure sea, ready to share thousands of stores with you; clear skies, caressing a full surrender to the moment, Greece is a polyphonic song. But its history will not be shared with everyone, only to those who truly are willing to immerse themselves in the depths of this ancient culture.

One of the outstanding features of the proximity of the sea is the ability to keep track of arcane iridescent and changing colors: agate, cornelius, milky green, amethyst, coral and all other gifts of nature that impart their peculiar shades to the water.

Here the night sky is pending low, filled with the presence of the ancient Gods, and the silence seemed to spread their semi silent testament, to everyone.