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…..or why a brunch here is always a good idea 

AUTHENTIC ITALIANYou have a house on this precious Greek peninsula and you are lucky to wake up here not only during a week, but during the whole summer. The sun is shining and you hear the noise of the waves – still and hardly perceptible. You are now inspired by the unique Greek tranquility and you do not wake up at 8 a.m. to go to the beach at 9 a.m. Now you are like one of the Greeks, you sleep till later and then when you wake up, you go to the balcony, where you can feel the freshness and the smell of the endless possibility of this morning (if 10 a.m. counts as morning). And then you start preparing yourself for the day. But what kind of preparation you need indeed? The swimming suit, a book and what else – someone to share this experience with, of course.

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When you get out of the house then you will surely go by one of the many wonderful and precious bakeries. And even if you try not to go in there, you won’t succeed, because of the lovely smell of freshly baked bread and some other delis. There is a thing that make these bakeries so unique and maybe it’s the fact that the people who work there are authentic Greeks – they haven’t gone to a culinary school and they are not chefs, but they have the recipes for these magical dishes from their parents and grandparents and Greece is a country with history and it’s famous with the desire of all the people to enjoy the simple things in life. Try the galaktoboureko now, the most traditional Greek breakfast and then go to the beach. Life is nice, isn’t it?